**NEWS FLASH: Snapshot Roath still has places, so sign up today and be part of this exciting opportunity to get your photo's shown at Made in Roath**

October this year will see the follow up to last year’s hugely successful Made In Roath Arts Festival. The festival will be taking place on 15th-17th October 2010, in various locations around Roath, Cardiff.

A community-based project promising an exciting and eclectic mix of exhibitions, residencies, workshops, performances and more, Made in Roath aims to give local people the opportunity to view, enjoy and celebrate local arts.

Made in Roath is open to everyone from professional artists to those trying out a new hobby. We are now gathering ideas and recruiting volunteers to get involved in this year’s festival. If you’re interested in showing work, helping out and/or just feel you might have something special to offer please contact madeinroath@gmail.com

A Big Thank You to…

Gillian Clarke
Lionel Fanthorpe
Emilie Collins
Helen Di Duca
Shaun Featherstone
Beth Nicholls
Emily Stevens
George Keane
Katrina Kirkwood
Jo Codd
Ewan and Rosemary McDonald
Mark Stavers
Fiona Mathison
Kas at Waterloo Gardens Teahouse
Beacon Printers
Katy Webster
Polly Aplin
Lauren Foulkes
Candice Black
Vicky Say
Holly Ford
Hollie and Nathan from St Teilos
Oriel Makers
John Rostron and Gemma White of Swn
Yarn and Yarn
Andy Muse of Cardiff Life Drawing Collective
Mable Gomez
Lou Noble
Chris Groves
Julian Martin and Miles Behind
Timothy Alexander Ware
Paddy Faulkner
Cerys Richardson
Lee Campbell
Nick Fisk
Nick Canham and the Ukulele Nights
Frankie Armstrong
Darien Pritchard
The Domestic Violins
The Quiet Ranters
Imran Khan
Mab Jones
Minty and Pete at the Gate
Cass Stodart
Noleen Mathius
Beth Charlesworth
Tom Betts
Adam Chard and the hack/flash team
Cate Hilton
Uisge Contraband
Jemma Bailey
Fra Beecher
Ali Johnston
Tom Baker
Katie Lake
Jessie and Catriona mcdonald
Es George
Richard Powell
Kim Fielding
Geraint Evans
Tiff Oben
Helene Roberts
Betina Skovbro
Dom Stocqueler and Penelope Rose Cowley
Fr Irving Hamer
Paula Gardiner and the RWCMD
James Ison
Leona Jones
Jayde Adams
Jonathan Thomas
Alex Smith
Dave Daggers
David Shepherd
Marius Grainger
Jenny Jones
Attenborough Keir Doherty
Doreen Barnaville
Clive Nolan
Liz Price
James Richards
Alicia Richards
Chris Brown and Anthony Shapland
Heloise Godfrey
Marta Mendes
Rachel- Helena Walsh
Kelly Jones and dotdotdot
Malena Barron
James Wall from Scouts
Shelagh Weeks
Darren Floyd
Joe Coughlan-Allen
UWIC fashion and textiles students
Shai-Wai Sims from ABCD
Chris and Katrina from Anomalous Arts
Bushra Kahn
Becky Matyus of People Around Here
Tom Edgar
Catherine Wreford- Lets Dance
Martha Harding- Earth Ball
Claire Pooley of Cardiff Wildlife Explorers
Vicky Humphries from Kings Monkton
Ryan Owen
Dan Green
St. Margarets- Julie Randall
Edel Cronin
Pengwin Caerdydd
Caroline Noall – Stacks
Emily Michael and Dan at Sho Gallery
Cerys Richardson at Pen-y-lan Library
Jeff and Richard at The Albany PubDavid Meek – Heel Bar
Gareth at Spice of Life
Albany Pet Shop
Alex at Kidney Research
Jazz at Vanilla Rooms
Chloe Grant at Wellfield Bookshop
Dave at Roath Park Conservatory
Bernadette of Park Dept
Becky and Gaby at Milgis
Julie the caretaker, Mike Parsons who helped Dan Green and Mr Skinner Head teacher at Roath Park Primary School
Karl Price at Tommys Bar – and all of the performers
Mrs Constantinu at Roath Park Primary
Thomas Evans at Cardiff High
Edel Cronon at St. Tielos
Jane McGurr at Marlborough School
Claire Lewis at St. Annes
Fiona (parent from Roath Park Primary) for coordinating parent supervision at the school
Shirley for school doodle wall and help with Roath appriators hanging
Julie Asfield at Cardiff City Council
Richard Cox at Howard Gardens Gallery
Sue Williams for her artwork donation to the ARRT initiative
Den Foley and Naomi Grisewood
Georgina Brownlow
Betty Lane
Jane Falnor and Geoff Reynolds
Lynne Carlidge
Fiona McDonald
Jane Harding
Gwen Davies
Jo Whitby
Katie McCulloch & Kaspars Cernomords
Bella Woodfield
Paul Evans and Samba Galez